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A New Monastic Community Rule

Posted by: Johan | March 10, 2010

The Yellow Rule

1 YELLOW: The first rule is about Gods people, his church. They are a new creation and live as an alternative humanity. They do this by loving each other, by caring for each other, by being accountable to each other and by meeting each other regularly. In this way they show that a new world is already a possibility.

FELLOWSHIP: Gods new creation, the community, the church, the people, the new humanity – family – marriage – serving each other – listening – obedience – living in peace – receive correction – education – leadership – Supper – relationships – ecumenism – unity

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The Red Rule

2 RED: The second rule is about people around us, neighbours, either far away or close-by. A follower of Jesus does not only love people in the church, but all people. This love is expressed by giving attention, care and help to friends and enemies alike. The lonely, the poor, the outcasts and vulnerable are touched with special care and visible love.

LOVE: charity – love for all people – the neighbor – the poor – people in need – hospitality – helpfulness – the neighborhood – the region – the city – the poor far away – fight loneliness – peacemaking – hospitality – radically welcoming – inclusive

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The Green Rule

3 GREEN: The third rule is about care for Gods creation. Gods redemption and renewal extends beyond the spiritual realm and includes our bodies, animals and plants. The environment has much to suffer because of our overconsumption, but Gods children are called to contribute to the wholeness of creation.

SUSTAINABILITY: embodied spirituality – connected with creator and creation – holistic – quietness in nature – real food – biodiversity – organic food – equitable distribution – connection between city and countryside – body – health – sports – recreation

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The Blue Rule

4 BLUE: The fourth rule is about spirituality: going inside and going upwards. Through the centuries followers of Jesus have set apart time and space for daily prayer and Scripture reading. The arts and music are part of the rhythm of a heart that seeks to rest in God, while the study of theology helps the mind to do the same.

SPIRITUALITY: Daily Prayer – Morning Prayer – Evening Prayer – Daily Bible reading – study – theology – education – rhythm – connection – meditation – spiritual exercise – intercession – anointing – retreat – silence – listen to Gods voice – wonder – art – music

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The Orange Rule

5 ORANGE: The fifth rule is about justice. Jesus calls us the first seek the Kingdom and his righteousness. The justice of the King offers hope to the oppressed, the poor and the vulnerable. The followers of Jesus participate in politics and the wider society to restore justice and to campaign in the style of Jesus, who humbled himself.

JUSTICE: Kingdom of God – uphold righteousness – “politics” – campaigning – to defend the weak and vulnerable – fair trade – breaking the status quo – to keep peace – selfless – engagement – pacifism – the other cheek – going the extra mile

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The Violet Rule

6 VIOLET: The sixth rule is about the rhythm of life. A follower of Jesus is conscious of his finitude, failures and times of loss and despair, but also of hope, the resurrection, a new morning and eternal life. Moments of turning around, repentance and mourning are alternated with festivities, seasons of hope and expectation.

REPENTANCE: Annual Rhythm – Lent – fast – being aware of broken life – weak faith – doubt – death – mourning – confession – Advent – expectation – hope – party – meals – dinner – dance – birthday – the liturgical year – festival

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The White Rule

7 WHITE: The seventh rule is about God. God creates a new heaven and earth and he chooses a group of people to participate in this. The story started with Israel and culminated in Jesus the Messiah whose words, actions, death and resurrection marked a new beginning. He gives us direction, hoop and strength.

GOD: Beginning and End – Discipline of Grace – Rhythm of Sabbath – Rest in God the Father – Completed work of Christ – Gift of the Spirit – God is central among the other colors.